Project Management, Content Strategy, and Web Design for Kreepsville

A top performing blog post that we created that ranks for “goth shop near me” and has increased walk-in traffic to their East LA flagship store.

Wolff-Mills Design has been able to help the goth and horror-themed clothing company Kreepsville increase their sales and outreach by providing all of the following services: Shopify web development, graphic design, content strategy, blog writing to improve their SEO, and marketing strategy including social media. We currently provide all of these services as needed and implement an ongoing monthly plan to execute their key marketing campaigns.

We provide content creation, strategy, design templates, and implementation so that their staff can focus on executing the strategic initiatives. With our help they have been able to create materials for marketing campaigns, including emailing newsletters, creating social media ads, and running influencer campaigns across social channels.

No matter the scope of your communications project, Wolff-Mills Design is here to help you succeed. With our custom services, we can transform your messaging and ensure that it reaches the right people in a timely manner. Contact us today to get started on your next project.